Personal disclosure

Upon establishing Ag Stock Investor and purchasing in January 2021, the publisher (John Combest) sold all long positions, and covered all short positions, in agriculture stocks including those mentioned in Ag Stock Investor online, e-mail and print publications. A full list of the publisher’s current long and short agricultural commodity ETF and ETN holdings appears on the Voluntary Financial Disclosure (VFD) page.

The publisher worked in communications for Bayer, Division of Crop Science (previously Monsanto Company), from July 2008 until February 2021. Per the publisher’s comprehensive non-disclosure agreement with Bayer, no information herein contains material or information not generally known to the public or within the industry, nor proprietary information acquired or learned by the author as a result of and during his 12.5-year employment with Bayer. The publisher has no long or short positions in BAYRY.